Climax Spray (Lidocaine)

It is an aerosol used to apply lidocaine USP topically. When sprayed on an overly sensitive organ, it raises the threshold of sensitivity to provide slow and lasting control. Climax Spray is a delayed-acting spray for men. Climax Spray is a local anesthetic that corrects the threshold of sensitivity to stimuli and prolongs the duration of sexual intercourse, ensuring that the partner reaches orgasm.

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What is Climax Spray? 

Climax Spray is a delayed-acting spray for men. Climax Spray prolongs intercourse by ensuring the female partner's orgasm, resulting in improved overall satisfaction levels for both partners. Climax Spray is preparation for external use.

How does Climax Spray work?

Ejaculation is a function of nerve and somatic impulses. Premature ejaculation indicates the gap between a person's expectations and their actual performance. The use of Climax Spray increases the sensitivity threshold to provide slow and prolonged pleasure due to delayed ejaculation. Therefore, Climax Spray helps to improve the quality of love for both partners.  

How to use Climax Spray? 

Shake the container well. Hold the container 5cm from the glans with the arrow on the nozzle pointing towards the application area. Press the nozzle 3 to4 times to spray Climax Spray onto the glans.  

Are there any side effects? 

Climax Spray is generally safe and has no side effects. Local anesthesia should not be given to patients with myasthenia gravis or heart failure. What is the expiration date? Since Climax Spray is based on aerosol technology, it is not much affected by external impurities. Any pharmaceutical product, in any dosage form such as ointments, capsules, injections, lotions, etc.) has a shelf life due to a variety of incompatibilities, resulting in reduced effectiveness and effects. side use. Looking at the current legal requirement, it is stated that it is absolutely safe for 3 years from the expiration date.

Directions for use:

Shake well before use. Spray Climax Spray 3 to4 times at a distance of 5 cm over the desired area. Climax Spray is a great product for men who have trouble maintaining an erection for longer. It transforms the normal penis into a rock-solid penis, ensuring overall satisfaction for both  partners. OnlineGenericCialis has curated the best climax sprays for men; It absorbs quickly and gives amazing results. The basic purpose of this spray is to keep the penis active and erect for a longer time during any sexual activity. Sprays are generally safe to use and have no side effects. But you should do a test patch  before applying on this area, because the application is made on a very sensitive area.


The climax spray includes 10% Lidocaine  as the active ingredient. With the strength of 10% lidocaine, it delivers each measured dose of USP 5 mg. Climax Spray Each bottle contains 200 dosed doses and has a net composition of 15g.

How it works?

It works by stabilizing the membranes of nerves by blocking the movement of ions. It also has a desensitizing effect that helps prevent premature ejaculation during sex. It keeps the penis erect longer. This spray may have a number of other benefits such as pain relief, numbness, and a local anesthetic. While the spray should not be used because someone has used it with similar symptoms, it is always advisable to consult a sex therapist before using the spray.

How should it  be used?  

  • Climax Spray is recommended for men over 18 years of age. It should be sprayed 15 minutes before  sexual activity.
  • Shake the  climax spray bottle
  • Squeeze the nozzle and apply  on the shaft of the penis, most importantly around the tip of the penis.
  • Use your fingers to spread evenly and wait for a few minutes
  • The recommended dosage is 4 sprays but sometimes due to differences in sensitivity  it can even work in 3 sprays.  - Maximum dose is 10 sprays.
  • Do not use the spray during oral sex with your partner.   

Precautions to take

The effects of the climax spray may change if you take another medicine at the same time. It can interfere with the eruption process  and may have side effects. Avoid contact with eyes and mouth  with aerosol and in case of contact, rinse immediately. Buy Climax Spray from OnlineGenericCialis to be 100% sure of its authenticity.

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